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Travel with meaning - If you are fascinated by cultures that preserve their traditions and wish to experience this magic up close, I can help you! We can go together to Nepal, India, Vietnam and chart incredible routes like Forgotten Worlds, Remote Tribes, Ethnic Shopping, Ancient Dyeing Techniques, Embroidery, handicrafts and secular monasteries that are sources of wisdom. Become acquainted with the lives of the Tibetan Nomads who live in one of the most beautiful and inhospitable places on the planet. Stroll through paradisiac rice fields, discover beautiful cultures and more. Tell me what your interests and favorite subjects are and we will create an itinerary that matches what you are looking for and that drives your imagination.

Travel itineraries

Participation in study groups / Individual Encounters

Are you curious to learn stories from different cultures and the ancestral ways of life that can expand our boundaries and perceptions? Let's chat! Some topics we’ll explore:

  • Vastness, courage and love - The life of the Tibetan nomads in the most inhospitable and beautiful places on the planet. They maintain a lifestyle completely different from our own and live with dignity and excellence, despite the rigorous winters that can hit lows of-40 degrees.
  • Jewelry with soul – We will talk about the ancestral cultures that tell part of their stories through their ornaments and clothing.
  • Faith villages – A chat about transformative experiences in distant villages where life is governed by notions of collectivism and solidarity is a daily practice
  • Ethnic photography –Photography is my path of exchange, realization and nourishment of the senses, through which I learn daily. Are you also interested in this topic? Get in touch with contact@elianeband.com to share experiences and multiply new knowledge.

Participation in study groups / Individual Encounters

Exposure of my work

Through individual or collective projects. I will be very happy to share the story of the people I portray with anyone who wants to get to know my work. They deserve to be seen!

Exposure of my work

Sale of Photos

If you are interested in acquiring any image or talking about any project or work, please send an email to contact@elianeband.com

Sale of Photos

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Getting to know Eliane Band

I have always wanted to travel and see the world from the peak of a mountain, filled with wisdom. Until I went to Nepal, the place that changed my life with its philosophy courses and transformative encounters. People say I am brave because I go out into the world on my own in search of cultures that complete and inspire me.

Photography came my way quietly and surprisingly, as a means of recording my complete enchantment with the strength and beauty of those people who crossed my path. By the stories of courage and overcoming adversity of those remote people, who moved me and propelled me so much. I began to photograph inspired by this power of life, by their touching stories, by this tribute of humanity that I had and have the honor of seeing, living, feeling. Photography is my path of discovery, learning and expansion.

Now, after five years of living and traveling in Asia, I want to share the knowledge I have gained so that it may help people achieve their dreams, even if they seem impossible or frightening. That's what I did when I decided to embrace that so-called courage to discover this part of the world, then so distant from me. I did it and I don’t want to stop anymore.

I’m also a graduate in tourism, with a postgrad in marketing and cultural marketing. I devoted myself to the fine arts for a number of years and followed that with years working in communication companies.


Book Forgotten Worlds

A journey through Asia

Launched in 2015 by Luste editors, the book is the result of years of dedication and travel research in search of how ethnic minorities live in their forgotten worlds. It is the fruit of my enchantment and respect for those peoples who maintain their traditions and for all that we have left along the way, such as compassion, integrity and solidarity.


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